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Benefits of having a smart home today.

Benefits of having a smart home today, or better known as home automation. Let's start with briefly defining what home automation is. Home automation is the ability to collect different types of information through sensors to be able to issue orders to other electronic devices.


1. Greater Security

A clear advantage of having a smart home is that it gives us much greater security, since by means of remote supervision through a smartphone or a PC it allows us to see in real time what is happening in each of the environments of the house.

2. Greater comfort.

Technology increasingly provides us with greater comfort. Since it allows us to carry out housework in a much more efficient way; such as: Open the curtains in all rooms of the house from the telephone, or program them to close at a certain time.

You will no longer have to worry about forgetting to close the door or doors of your house, since all this can be done from a smartphone no matter how far you are from your home.


3. Energy saving.

It may sound somewhat inconsistent that technology helps you to collaborate with the economy of your home. This is possible since the newer a computer is, it is developed with new components and therefore their energy consumption is lower.



Another example is the air conditioning and lighting systems that already make the most of the hours of sunshine avoiding chilling scares with the bill at the end of the month.

4. Free time

The best thing in life is being able to share with loved ones and many times we lose valuable time with our children, family and friends because we are doing what we do at home. Home automation allows us to speed up homework processes.

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5. Accessibility

Facilitates daily activities for people with physical disabilities

6. Less Maintenance.

Avoid a

Ready now, all you have to do is sit back and enjoy a completely new life, together with family and friends. enjoying every moment and sharing unique moments.

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