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Desarrollos Inmobiliarios Los Cedros has a team of professionals fully trained to carry out the development of any type of project.


Also, we have the most innovative tools worldwide for project planning. Where we mainly seek a harmony between the flow of capital together with the progress of the work.

We have the use of BIM tools, which allows us to have an immediate and precise interaction in each of the disciplines that are presented in the project.


With these tools, errors can be rectified before executing the project, so as not to have schedule delays or additional expenses.

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We collect the requirements that the client wants for their project and brainstorming is generated to proceed with the planning and development

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Based on the client's idea with our group of professionals and collaborators, the project will be developed

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Preliminary works are started on site to begin later the construction of the project.



The project is built as established in architectural, MEP, and structural plans



A superior quality project is delivered to the client that exceeds their expectations.


Our work team has knowledge of critical reasoning, which allows us to make important decisions that appear unexpectedly in the field, without putting the project at risk and avoiding delays.

In this way, work progress reports are made periodically so that the client can compare the status of the project according to the schedule and financial payments.

Desarrollos Inmobiliarios Los Cedros gives priority to any type of project, be it small or large, we do not base ourselves on the magnitude of it, so each client is given exactly the same priority.

Desarrollos Inmobiliarios has experience in any area of ​​the project, be it general planning, architectural design, structural design, hydraulic design, electrical design, intelligent design, among many others.

Desarrollos Inmobiliarios Los Cedros has extensive experience in large-scale projects in the material to be executed. Be it wood, structural steel, reinforced concrete, prestressed concrete. We have equipment, machinery and expert collaborators in each matter.

In this way we are able to develop the type of project you need, be it vertical or horizontal construction.

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With our experience and technology we can develop any type of project. We are always looking out for new ways of creating your ideas.

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