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The execution of a residential project is not simply the construction of the building, on the contrary, there are a variety of factors that must be considered in order to provide the client with a product that they will enjoy all their life.


The home that a couple plans for their family is a magical place where unforgettable experiences and moments will be lived with friends and family.


Throughout its experience, Desarrollos Inmobiliarios Los Cedros has acquired knowledge of the factors that must be considered for each of the clients who wish to build their home to obtain their dream.

Casa de lujo con detalle de piedra, techo de teja y columnas
Casa minimalista con detalles en gris

The location of the residence must comply with the day-to-day activities of its occupants. That said, Desarrollos Inmobiliarios Los Cedros will accompany you throughout the process and planning of the residence, taking into account different points of view to achieve the home of your dreams.


Additionally, during the planning of the same you will be made recommendations of amenities that we consider can be used throughout its use. Avoid seeing the short-term needs that are had so far, and show possible needs that may arise with the family.

The professionals who work together for the construction of the residence have enough experience to design the interior and exterior of the residence to the client's taste, thus reducing the cost without lowering the quality of the materials and going out of the conventional for budgets tight.


We have innovative materials that allow the user to acquire unique and pleasant spaces for use throughout their lives.

Bathtub in corian, Faucet and shower in

Desarrollos Inmobiliarios Los Cedros has a design for people with special needs, thinking about how to fit all the spaces of the residence, where anyone, regardless of their physical conditions, can use it.

For the development of the residences we use the best technology in the world to recreate digital spaces using BIM tools and to be able to interact between suppliers and designers. In this way, provide the client with a virtual tour totally equal to reality and in this way be able to feel from a better perspective how the environments will feel in real life.

Photo of spacious expensive living room
Casa en obra gris

Additionally, the use of these tools allows us to contemplate any setback that may arise during construction and avoid unnecessary costs. Likewise, arrears not contemplated in the schedule or budget.


The quantification of materials has greater precision and generates real budgets without surprises for the client during the execution of the project.

indoor swimming pool of a modern house w
Urbanización de casas con techo de teja

We have enough experience to develop real estate projects in series, we are in charge of the team of collaborators and professionals trained to execute the projects.


In addition, we provide project management supported by computerized systems to determine the schedule with its critical routes and avoid setbacks in the project.


Our work team is trained to work effectively without affecting the quality of work, either in gray work or in finishes of the residence.



¡Cada proyecto es único y merece una atención totalmente personalizada!

A continuación, te mostramos algunos proyectos residenciales que hemos desarrollado. Si deseas mayor información, no dudes en consultarnos y con todo gusto podremos resolver cada una de tus inquietudes para desarrollar el proyecto que tú deseas. 


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